Newsletter | April 9, 2020

04.09.20 -- Safety First: How To Continue Delivering On-Site IT Support

Channel Insights
How To Use Data To Help Clients Acquire And Retain Customers
Article | By Sean Berg, Shift4 Payments

You have the unique opportunity to help clients identify opportunities to collect data and implement strategies to increase both your and your client’s revenue.

Intruder Alert: Secure Your Remote Access Tools From Cyberattackers
Guest Article | ConnectWise

Recent large-scale hacks have raised awareness about the risks of using insecure passwords. As an MSP and trusted advisor to your customers, it’s more important than ever to consider the security options of the remote access tools you use to support your clients every day.

Lockdown Lessons Guide: Securing Your Business First
Article | Webroot

When you consider modern attacks, it’s pretty obvious that all businesses need a strong lineup of cyber-defense tools, not just a barebones firewall and old-fashioned antivirus. You need to protect your business first, and to do that, you have to build out a strong cybersecurity stack that can actually withstand the onslaught of modern malware.

Safety First: How To Continue Delivering On-Site IT Support
  Article | Field Nation

IT service companies find themselves forced to continue sending IT technicians out into the field. This doesn’t mean technicians can’t be safe, however. Here are five things your IT service company can do to keep your technicians safe and your clients’ needs met.

Crisis Management Advice
Safeguarding IT Infrastructure Against COVID-19 Phishing Scams
Article | Bocada

It is especially critical now to be aware that the COVID-19 pandemic has created yet another opportunity for phishing scammers to attack unsuspecting organizations. What is most certainly a global health crisis is, unfortunately, becoming a data protection crisis too.

MSPs: CARES Act Stimulus Strategy
Guest Column | By Rayanne Buchianico, ABC Solutions, LLC

Now that countries around the world have stimulus packages in place, what is the best use of that money and opportunity?

6 Tips To Keeping Your Business Safe During A Pandemic
  Guest Column | By Rayanne Buchianico, ABC Solutions, LLC

As the global pandemic brings business and the economy to a grinding halt, you may wonder what steps you can take now to protect your business, your employees, and your customers. lists the information technology sector as one of 16 critical infrastructure sectors needed to stay open and operable during a national crisis. Here are some steps you can take right now to alleviate stress on your business.


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Leadership Lessons
Capturing The SD-WAN Growth Market With Managed Services
By Satish Madiraju, Fortinet

While enterprises will continue to aggressively purchase SD-WAN solutions for their organizations, much of this next phase of growth also will transition to managed services providers offering a turnkey SD-WAN solution for their customers.

Assessing The Unique Cyberthreats Facing MSPs Today
By Michael Schenck, Kaytuso

Trust is the foundation of every MSP-client relationship, as clients rely on MSPs to diligently maintain their IT infrastructure and keep their databases safe and secure. However, the very nature of the business and high-level access to client networks mean that MSPs run the tremendous risk of being targeted by cybercriminals.

Security Awareness Training