Newsletter | October 8, 2020

10.08.20 -- Resellers Beware: Hackers Are Using You To Get To Your Clients

Channel Insights
Why Hackers Hack: It's Your Business To Care!

As cybersecurity grows more complex, criminals around the world are evolving along with it. Their methods leave you vulnerable and many organizations are at risk. Staying informed on this ever-changing landscape is vital. In this educational ebook, we explore the minds of hackers and open the window into their world.

How To Use Network Detective To Identify Windows 7 Machines

If the operating systems fail, the machine may as well be a lump or scrap metal. So why is it that so many companies neglect these pervasive and critical software assets?

Enterprise Fuel, Part 1: The Virtuous Growth Cycle

Any small business bigger than a hot dog stand needs technology to thrive — though even a hot dog stand needs a solid Instagram game. This increasing reliance on technology means that SMBs are driving demand for managed services providers, so much so that the MSP industry is still growing despite all of 2020’s challenges.

Making Home Internet Work For Business Applications

People working from home suddenly need more than a reliable connection to their network. Even the “fastest” home network connection available will often leave users with laggy and choppy video conferences. However, there are ways to identify problems and improve the home office experience.

For MSPs Guiding Clients Through Trying Times

It’s not all bad being an MSP right now. With many employees migrating to remote work, IT services are in high demand. For many MSPs, this meant a glut of work during the March and April months. But now, many of their clients are struggling.

12 Ways To Nurture Mental Health And Company Culture During The Pandemic

Follow these tips to strengthen company culture and avoid employee burnout amid the pandemic.

Running The Entrepreneurial Gauntlet: Test Yourself, Take The Risk, Build The Best Team

In this wide-ranging talk, Arnie Bellini and Sunny Kaila discuss everything from challenging yourself as a leader to building a team that can help you take advantage of current opportunities, such as cybersecurity.

Resellers Beware: Hackers Are Using You To Get To Your Clients

Business owners are turning to resellers to provide cybersecurity protection from hardware using point-to-point encryption (P2PE) to security services such as tokenization. Resellers are becoming the first defense against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, phishing and spear-phishing attacks, and password and malware attacks.

Leadership Lessons
How Automation Helps MSPs Get To Market Faster Than The Competition

Caught in a tight race to market with your competition? To finish in front and reap the rewards of an efficient operation, MSPs need to get strategic with their design of day-to-day responsibilities and routine task management.

How MSPs Can Protect User Identity And Access: 3 Considerations For The COVID Era

COVID-19 accelerated the shift to remote work, exposing the challenges of protecting remote users and their resources. Protecting users—while making it simple for them to follow best security practices—is essential in our distributed environment.

How To Overcome The Most Common Cloud Migration Challenges

Moving to a cloud environment can be extremely complex and challenging. Moving data and reconfiguring applications take time, effort, and planning. Before you can streamline your workflow with cloud-based computing, you should be aware of the most common cloud migration challenges that make the process more difficult.