Article | August 21, 2018

7 Reasons Why Salespeople Fail And How They Can Win

Source: IT Glue

By Ashley Ogilvie, IT Glue

You’re trying to build a successful sales team at your MSP, but you’re not getting the results you want. Why not? The reality is, there’s a variety of factors that influence whether or not your salespeople can reach the goals you have set out for them. Are they investing in unqualified leads? Are they suffering from call reluctance? Whatever it might be, we’re here to dive into the reasons, their symptoms, and the remedy you can use to overcome these obstacles in your own MSP. So we sat down with Mike Savard, IT Glue’s VP, Sales, to learn more about what makes sales teams win (and what can trip them up). This is great advice for your own MSP’s sales operation.

Over-investment in an unqualified opportunity

You know what they say: quality over quantity. The same applies for your prospects. Not every lead is a good, or qualified lead, and spending too long on the phone with an unqualified opportunity is simply going to delay results. If your salesperson is holding a variety of calls and demos, but not often closing any deals, they might be spending too much of their time and energy in unqualified leads.

Instead, teach your team to focus on daily pipeline reviews. The more research your team does on their leads, the more they can understand the quality, and how much of their time they should be investing in pursuing that prospect.