Case Study

POS Of Michigan Sees Business Soar With Harbortouch Free POS Program

Source: Shift4 Payments
POS Growth

Ted Kramer, VP of Sales and Marketing at POS of Michigan, has been selling POS equipment throughout Michigan's Lower Peninsula since 1970. However, Kramer has never been more excited about the prospects of his business as he is now. After running his own hospitality technology and services company for two decades, Kramer founded POS of Michigan in 2011 with his younger brother, Christopher, and Aaron Hamp,previously the founder of an IT/ATV managed services company.

Now, two years in to the joint venture,POS of Michigan is flourishing.Kramer attributes much of their success to their “software as a service” business model. Early on, the company partnered with Harbortouch, the innovative POS and payments provider behind the “free POS program”.

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