Article | June 14, 2018

5 Paths To Business Maturity

Source: ConnectWise

By Tony Thomas, ConnectWise

Field Service Business Continuity

No matter where you are on your business journey, your business is maturing every day. The path to success for you and your business isn’t about shortcuts and cheat codes. Instead, it’s a succession of non-negotiable disciplines that will help you grow your time, team, family, independence, and success.

But it’s not all an uphill battle. You can accelerate your maturity through a consistent approach to mastering five key disciplines. In our most recent Path to Success webinar, we heard from ConnectWise Vice President of Strategy, Tony Thomas, and HTG’s Arlin Sorensen about these five disciplines and how they can help you master your business maturity.

1. Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

In other words, step one (is there a step zero?) is all about establishing and maintaining the kind of culture that attracts top talent, keeps your team engaged and passionate, and moves the needle. The right culture creates high-performing teams dedicated to serious results, and the wrong one burns out talent and reduces output.

Where does culture even begin? Maybe you’re thinking you need a Culture team, or that your HR department holds the reigns here. But the truth is that culture starts—and stays—at the top. If the owner/CEO isn’t a champion of culture, it’s never going to follow through to the rest of the company.

Get started by: leading by example. Clearly define your core values as a leadership team, and communicate them down for total buy-in. Then reward everyone who’s bringing those values into their work every day.