Newsletter | August 21, 2019

08.21.19 -- Offering Security Services: Should You Build, Buy, Or Partner?

To The Reseller: Make The Right Changes Today For A More Profitable Tomorrow

Reselling is your comfort zone — it’s what you know inside and out. But it’s not providing the returns it once did. Increasing competition in hardware and software means you’re relying on margins that get thinner every day to keep your business profitable. Gartner has predicted that 40 percent of VARs will go out of business if they do not adopt a recurring revenue model. It’s time to evolve to save your business.

Offering Security Services: Should You Build, Buy, Or Partner?

Are you considering how to get in the security services arena? The security market is a hot one, ripe with opportunity. All MSPs are on the same journey towards advancing their security maturity, but the path will be different for each.

How To Have The Security Conversation With Your Customers & Make Money

Security is the hot topic of the day. Everyone’s talking about it. Your customers are asking about it, they’re expecting you to be the expert, and it’s a conversation you’d rather not have. Can you even make money offering security? You definitely can, if you approach the conversation the right way.

How To Ensure Success Of An MRR Model In Your VAR Business

According to a recent Aria research study, only 11 percent of businesses are planning to rely on one-off sales as a major point of revenue moving into the future. Adding a recurring revenue model is the key to staying ahead of technology and moving your business forward.

The VAR's Guide To An Effective Pricing Strategy

A pricing strategy is the method used to price your products and services so that your sales volume produces sufficient margin to cover your operating expenses and generates sufficient profit to meet your business goals.