Newsletter | December 15, 2018

12.15.18 -- New Episode: Tim Conkle & Crystal McFerran, The 20


Just dropped — A new episode of Channel Voice: The Channel Executive Podcast

Episode 10: Tim Conkle & Crystal McFerran, The 20

Tim Conkle and Crystal McFerran of The 20 discuss building tribes of clients and MSPs, scalability and national footprints, an MSP marketing retrospective, why 94 percent of MSPs never see a million dollars, self-awareness and corrective action, what if you don’t get anything back for your marketing and what if you do, education as the ROI on failure, and why everything’s easier with a set of plans.

Previous Episodes
Episode 09: Channel/Vendor Relations, Live From Brooklyn

Recorded live at the Software Executive Conference in Brooklyn. Join Matt Pillar, Tom Clancy (Valiant Technology), Paul DeMore (Force Management) Mark Haskelson (Compliancy Group), and Butch Langlois (Vend) for a transparent conversation about what's right and what's wrong with channel/vendor partnerships from the perspectives of VAR/MSP, software company, and consultancy. 

Episode 8: Bradley Gross, The Law Office Of Bradley Gross

The nation's pre-eminent IT services law authority opines on why most MSPs don’t treat their business like a business, the dangers of ambiguous contract language, the business, financial, and personal repercussions of legal action, how to avoid sales-slogging contract language yet remain protected, and your best practices for legal risk mitigation.

Episode 7: Peter Kujawa, EO Johnson Business Technologies - Locknet Managed IT Services

Peter Kujawa, businessman-turned lawyer-turned businessman again, discusses the value of a legal background in managed services business leadership, the merger and acquisition strategies that have built the managed service practice at EO Johnson, change management among personnel, salespersons' egos, and the values of transparency and altruism in the IT channel.

Episode 6: Dennis O’Connell, Taylor Business Group

Dennis O’Connell discusses his unlikely path to managed services, sleepwalking in the Air Force, why peer groups matter, surviving tornadoes (literally), keeping reliable peers, building a financial cushion, KPIs, business performance benchmarking, the discomfort of accountability and transparency, and more.

Episode 5: Arlin Sorensen, HTG Peer Groups/ConnectWise

Channel Voice caught up with peer group guru Arlin Sorensen of HTG/ConnectWise fame on business and personal legacies, intentionality and the importance of a “why statement,” his legacy in the wake of the ConnectWise acquisition, and more. Give it a listen and subscribe!

Episodes 3 and 4: Robin Robins, Technology Marketing Toolkit

Building personal brands and professional legacies; overcoming hardship and developing grit; religious cults and faith healing; Zig Ziglar; learning and mastering sales; quitting excuses; accepting responsibility and making good choices. The glamour of the MSP industry, the beginnings of the Technology Marketing Toolkit, whether or not it’s hard to fly a rocket ship, inspiring leaders, the power of industry knowledge, the channel’s cyber security services opportunity, big box IT threats.

Episode 2: John Kirk, Kathy Meader, RSPA

Why this isn’t yesterday’s RSPA; Elevating the brand; New education initiatives and programming; Payment security and QIR standards; RetailNOW 2018.

Episode 1: Paul Dippell, Service Leadership, Inc.

The birth of Service Leadership, Inc.; measuring MSP financial performance; the chronic undervaluation of IT service offerings; raising rates in a savvy way; stepping up sales; the rapaciousness of the storage unit rental business; the specialization and verticalization of managed services; where the channel goes from here.