Magazine Article | March 19, 2014

Navigating The Changing Restaurant IT Landscape

By The Business Solutions Network

Experts advise VARs on the most significant trends in restaurant IT.

The hospitality vertical, including both restaurants and hotels, is experiencing an IT revolution similar to what we’re seeing in retail. Andre Nataf, senior business development manager for Digital Dining, cites recent survey data that claims the average annual IT budget for restaurants is $26,000 per store. “That same survey stated that 57 percent of the restaurants polled were going to spend money on capital items,” he says. “If you couple that with the 3.5 percent increase in hiring according to the NRA, confidence is up, and it looks pretty good for POS (point of sale) companies in 2014. When confidence is up, spending and reinvestment go up with it. This is a different climate than we have had for the last five years.”