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MSPs: Strategic Security Role In Major Industries

Source: ID Agent
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MSPs Are On The Front Line

Cybercriminals are attacking MSPs as a way to get access to their customer base. MSPs are also increasingly involved in supporting supply chains of major industries where the weakest link will be targeted. They need to understand the transactional nature of the market as well as any special regulatory or compliance issues. At the same time, MSPs are being called upon to support customers’ IT staff with tools such as Dark Web monitoring, which looks at the various layers and interlinked businesses within a client’s network. Backed with a solid understanding of the special threats in a particular industry, the MSP can be in a strong position as a strategic advisor.

The advisor role is a powerful one: MSPs support all parts of the organization while increasing use of cloud and other services by the customer makes the problems of security less directly manageable. The MSP can provide solutions to enhance security awareness across the organization and make all employees more aware.

MSPs are becoming pro-active – with monitoring and helping with risk- assessment. The MSP can provide industry and sector-specific guidance, not only just from a regulatory or a fine perspective, but looking at the impact on reputation and with a response based on infrastructure strengthening.