Newsletter | December 3, 2019

12.03.19 -- MSPs And Security Offerings: What's The Way Forward

How To Start An MSP In 5 Steps

Subscription-based services are growing in popularity, and the IT industry is certainly no exception. With the managed services provider (MSP) market projected to be worth $282 billion by 2023, you’re not alone if you’ve been contemplating jumping on the subscription or managed service bandwagon.

MSPs And Security Offerings: What’s The Way Forward?

Scanning news headlines on any given day is likely to reveal yet another security breach, new cyber threats, or a recently discovered vulnerability in popular software. Previously, viruses could be attributed to single perpetrators, but current cybersecurity threats are led by highly experienced teams of cybercriminals who are hell-bent on stealing company data.

How To Move From Transactional To Consultative Selling

Transactional vs. consultative selling is somewhat of a buzz phrase in the industry, but what does it really mean? How can you implement consultative selling, and what will it mean for your organization?

How To Sell To The Hidden IT Buyer

Have you met the hidden IT buyer? We’re not talking about the CIO or CTO that cloud resellers usually deal with. There are other employees out there who are buying their own software applications without even consulting the IT department. People like the VP of sales, the director of finance, or even the human resources manager.

How Sherweb Can Help You With Marketing

We know marketing is a major pain point for solutions providers. That’s why Sherweb provides tons of white-label and co-branded resources that partners can use to grow brand awareness, build customer relationships, and ultimately increase sales — all without weighing down schedules.