Newsletter | September 9, 2020

09.09.20 -- MSP Or MSSP? What To Know Before You Make The Leap

Combating Margin Erosion

What’s the one thing on most managed services providers’ (MSP) minds right now? Margin erosion. While some of the top providers in the industry continue to see sales, prices, and profit margins soar, many more MSPs are struggling at the break-even point, working harder than ever but making less. Learn how mature MSPs keep profit margins high, even during economic downturns.

Export Data On Any System To Manage Customer At Scale

“Which customers’ firewalls are out of date?”  “Who turned off multi-factor authentication for Microsoft 365?”  “Which domains expire in the next 60 days?”  If questions like these felt impossible to answer before without heavily manual work, learn how cross-customer reporting capabilities can help. 

Export A Full Environment To Take Customer Data With You

On occasion, you may need to grab an entire environment to share with your customer, use for a certification audit, or offboard a customer to another MSP. Learn how to export your customer data all at once for easy access wherever and whenever you need to utilize it. 

MSP Or MSSP? What To Know Before You Make The Leap

Yet another wave of high-profile cybersecurity data breaches underscore what all MSPs already know: Security is one of the most important functions in the IT industry, no matter the size of your company. If you’ve considered moving your managed service provider (MSP) into the managed security services provider (MSSP) realm, both the opportunity and the stakes are higher than ever and require careful consideration.

MSP Insider's Guide To An Exceptional Customer Journey: Superior Account Management

The final stage of the customer journey, account management, should be never-ending. Providing outstanding service and support will differentiate you from the pack, but proactively adding value to each of your accounts will keep your customers coming back to your services time after time.