Newsletter | July 15, 2020

07.15.20 -- MSP Insider's Guide To An Exceptional Customer Journey

MSP Insider's Guide To An Exceptional Customer Journey — Part 1: Making The Sale

The customer journey as we see it begins during the sales process, before you can truly call someone your customer. Not only can a positive experience during this phase earn or lose you the business, it can also set the tone for the entire client-provider relationship. Start off on the right foot with proven MSP best practices for sales.

MSP Insider's Guide To An Exceptional Customer Journey — Part 2: Optimizing Onboarding

With the sales process successfully complete, your new customer is probably excited to see your expertise in action. Successful and accurate onboarding is critical, so now is the time to double down on delivering a positive experience.

MSP Utilizes Automation Platform To Prove Value To Customers And Save $13K/Month Relationship

Doberman Technologies provides managed services to small business in Lansing, Michigan, since 2005 with an emphasis on healthcare. By using an automation platform with a built-in timeline feature, Doberman engineers can leverage historical data to identify how to resolve outages and therefore keep customers happy.

Building A World Class Customer Journey

In this era of digital transformation, business success depends on delivering a consistent, satisfying customer journey, beginning with sales and marketing, then progressing to onboarding, customer service and support, and ongoing account management. As a result, MSPs will need to carefully define and enhance the customer experience they deliver to clients.