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MSP Helion Automotive Technologies Delivers Best-Of-Breed Protection

Source: Webroot
Helion Automotive Technologies


Founded in 1997 by Erik Nachbahr in his Baltimore basement, Helion Automotive Technologies has quickly grown to be America’s largest outsourced technology provider for auto dealerships. Helion brings considerable brainpower and experience to bear on all things relating to automotive technology. With over 650 dealerships and body shops under management, Helion’s staff is keenly in tune with the unique challenges faced by auto dealers, both technical and operational.

“There’s real ROI here. Before Webroot, we had a tech literally remediating viruses all day long. After implementing Webroot, we saved a whole employee’s worth of time, or 50 hours a week. We’re saving 40 hours by not remediating all day and another two hours a day not messing around with rolling out agents. So there’s an $80,000 a year savings.”


When Nachbahr founded Helion almost two decades ago, he was driven by two key factors: his abiding love of technology and a deep respect for the customer service ethos he learned while an employee of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. Embracing that company’s motto, “We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen,” Helion strives to bring an amiable, “un-computer-guy” service experience to the auto dealership staffs that it serves.

As an MSP, Nachbahr is also committed to applying a thoroughly disciplined approach to selecting the solutions it supports. Nachbahr recalls, “I learned that you’ve got to figure out what your core competencies are. What are those few products that you know are going to work, that you have running in your own business, and that you’ve gained a lot of expertise with? That’s what you need before you can go out and confidently say to people, ‘We know how this product works, and we know it’s going to work for you.’”