Article | November 22, 2017

MSP Guide: Selling Layered Security

Source: Webroot
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Not only do your clients expect a certain level of quality in the services they receive; they also place a great deal of importance on the individual working relationship. Clients want to know they’re being taken seriously as people, and are being served by MSPs who understand their needs on a personal level.

By the same token, it’s equally important for MSPs to align with well-known, trusted solution vendors who are committed to their partners’ success. Particularly when selecting cybersecurity solutions to resell, MSPs need to carefully balance quality, ease of use, and pricing. After all, today’s businesses are already aware that they need cybersecurity to protect their business and customers. It’s not a matter of whether they plan to invest in security at all; it’s a matter of which services they’ll buy with their IT budget.

Finally, MSPs have to choose a cybersecurity vendor that accounts for all the angles and multi-stage tactics cybercriminals use to attack. From phishing to drive- by downloads, malvertising to ransomware, social engineering to code injection, your clients’ businesses are at risk every day. The cybersecurity vendor you choose needs offer layered protection against these types of blended—or “multi-vector”—threats without slowing down clients’ end users.