Article | September 24, 2019

MSP Guide: Say Yes To More Projects

Source: Field Nation
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Managed Service Providers (MSPs) juggle busy schedules. From project planning to payment processing and reporting, little time is left to work on scaling business. When your MSP doesn’t have time to expand coverage and accept new projects, you lose opportunities. Thankfully, the advent of Field Service Management (FSM) platforms can help to grow your business and say ‘yes’ to more projects. 

Here are some tips on how these platforms can help you enter new locations and services with contingent labor: 

Finding Qualified Field Technicians

Vetting a technician is the first step in building a quality pool of talent. This includes checking their skills, certifications, experience, and reviews. To save time, you can identify which qualifications are mandatory for technicians to have. You can typically filter your search results on Field Service Management tools to automate some of your searches. For example, maybe you need a technician who completed a drug test within the last 6 months. You can use that as a selection rule to filter out unqualified technicians and speed up your process.