Newsletter | April 23, 2020

04.23.20 -- Meet The Unsung Heroes Of COVID-19: The IT Service Providers

Channel Insights
Secure, SLA-Backed SD-WAN For Unified Communication And UCaaS

Today’s distributed workforce increasingly relies on the mix of messaging and collaboration tools that form unified communications. While beneficial to the business, UC’s networking requirements challenge any WAN transformation initiative.

Top Metrics For MSPs

I can’t tell you what your business goals should be, but what I can do is highlight some useful metrics that will help pinpoint problem areas and measure improvement. Here they are, logically categorized, and offered for your benefit.

Reducing Backup Failure Rates By 72%

Without standardized, visual reports detailing backup success and failure rates, IT services providers don't have continuous high levels of confidence that their customers’ backup processes complied with internal policies and industry regulations. 

Hospital Introduces Intelligent Medicine By Design With End-To-End Enterprise Solutions

Elmhurst Hospital relied on a Panduit infrastructure solution to create a campus-wide network that places the most advanced equipment and techniques in the hands of top medical talent and creates a home for high-level medical services to grow and thrive.

Why Hackers Hack: The Profile

While white hat hackers test and assess systems, black hat hackers pose a huge threat to your business. Building hacker profiles to understand their motivation helps us identify who they target, their skill level, and the type of defenses you need to combat them.

Crisis Management Advice
Expert Advice On Keeping Remote Workers Happy And Productive

Joe Sykora is VP global sales and channels at Bitdefender, a cybersecurity and antivirus software company founded in 2001. Bitdefender develops and sells antivirus software, internet security software, endpoint security software, and other cybersecurity products and services.

Securing Your Remote Workforce In Times Of Emergency

While the ability to work remote offers convenience for staff and a nice perk to provide prospects with, there are times when your staff will need to work remotely out of necessity.

COVID-19 Field Service Impact: What You Should Do Now

See how COVID-19 might affect you and your workers.

Meet The Unsung Heroes Of COVID-19: The IT Services Providers

Here’s a beginning and ending to a story that you’ve probably experienced over the past few weeks, without being aware of what happened in the middle.

Leadership Lessons
The Proliferation Of Pervasive Video

Video in the workplace is commonly perceived as an add-on utilized for a specific purpose or special meeting. But video has so much more to offer. It shouldn’t be seen as “special” instead, using video should be as natural and intuitive as picking up the phone, turning on a light switch, or opening an email.

Are MSPs Prepared To Handle Industry Growth?

Grow too slow and your competition will overtake you. Grow too fast without efficiency and you will lack the bandwidth and structure to sustain your success. Balancing this tightrope is a constant battle for MSPs, many of whom are currently at a crossroads.