Webinar | August 24, 2018

Making MSP Security Easier With Machine Learning

Source: Webroot

As an MSP or VAR, you’re looking for new ways to improve services without adding overhead. The addition of providing security to your clients is an absolute necessity in today’s threat landscape, but MSPs and VARs need ways to ensure the highest levels of security without draining staff and profits.

So, how can artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) help?

In this educational webcast, join Heather K. Margolis, CEO & Founder, Channel Maven Consulting and George Anderson, Director of Product Marketing at Webroot, as they discuss:

  • AI and ML Basics: What are they and how they improve security from prevention to remediation 
  • The Value of AI/ML in Threat Intelligence 
  • How MSPs and VARs can leverage AI/ML to improve your security service offering