Newsletter | May 22, 2022

05.22.22 -- Keeping Up With Today's Ever-Changing Operational Technologies

How To Help Your Clients Keep Up With Today’s Ever-Changing Operational Technologies

Technology is constantly evolving, and your clients expect you to help them make sense of what is important and what is not. They also are looking to you to make sure these new technologies — and any future technologies — will integrate with their existing business platform. Are you up to the task? 

E-Commerce 101: Why Shift4Shop Should Be Your Go-To E-Commerce Solution

Most projections see global e-commerce continuing to grow for the foreseeable future, driven by entrepreneurs starting new online businesses and brick-and-mortar business owners looking for the fastest way to start selling their products online. As a VAR, you can capitalize on this growing e-commerce market by offering solutions that allow you to stand out from your competitors.

Show Your Clients That Their Online Presence Can Make Or Break Their Business

Your client’s online presence matters — and it matters in a big way. Resellers can help clients grow their businesses and simultaneously deepen their relationships by guiding them in the use of digital tools and explaining why they matter.

What Are QR Codes And How Are They Changing The Payments Industry?

Driven by consumers and merchants alike, contactless payment is becoming more and more omnipresent. Though relatively new to the contactless payments’ scene, QR codes are quickly making their way to the top of the list of solutions your customers prefer.

The Future Of Payments

The payments industry has faced a decade of change unlike any other. The growth and acceptance of the cloud, users' expectations that their B2B technology mirrors their B2C technology, and the ever-increasing risk surrounding more sophisticated hacks and breaches have all been something of a lead up to the biggest disruption the industry has ever seen: the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic.

SkyTab Pay-at-the-Table Solution

SkyTab is a powerful mobile solution that is a true game-changer for the hospitality and foodservice industries. It combines state-of-the-art hardware with simple and intuitive software to deliver an exceptional experience for businesses and their guests. 

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