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Jump Start Your Digital Transformation With Unified IT

Source: Kaseya
The Next Big Idea: Integrate the Digital and Physical Supply Chain in Clinical Trials

In the United States alone, there are around 200,000 midmarket businesses contributing one-third of private sector GDP and generating around 47.9 million employment opportunities. While midmarket enterprises (MMEs) share all the modern complexity and burdens of larger organizations, the resources at IT’s disposal are often more limited.

The very definition of midmarket puts their IT organizations in a unique spot compared to IT for SMB organizations and global enterprises. Despite being smaller in number, MMEs punch way above their weight.

Unlike a small firm with relatively few systems under management or an expansive company, which often has the IT resources to maintain its systems adequately, those in the middle often have the worst of both worlds — anywhere from several hundred to a few thousand endpoints under management, often in distributed locations, and a limited IT staff and budget to keep all systems running securely and optimally. Considering they run mission-critical systems across an array of devices operating on a multitude of networks while also trying to meet compliance requirements in an unpredictable and dynamic environment their task is, simply put, daunting.