Newsletter | September 22, 2021

09.22.21 -- Is Ransomware Insurance Bad For Cybersecurity?

It’s Time To Ask: Is Ransomware Insurance Bad For Cybersecurity?

The issue at the heart of ransomware insurance will be familiar to most parents of young children: rewarding bad behavior only invites more of the same, so it’s generally not a good idea. But critics of the ransomware insurance industry argue that’s exactly what the practice does.

Why MSPs Need To Shift From Cybersecurity To Cyber Resilience

If your critical systems, website, or customer data were suddenly inaccessible due to a cyberattack, how soon would you be able to get back up and running? That’s a question that should be on every business leader’s mind. In today’s increasingly disruptive threat landscape, it’s more important than ever to embrace cyber resilience to mitigate disruption.

Supply Chain Attacks Are Closing In On MSPs

If you attended Black Hat this year, you couldn’t avoid the topic of supply chain attacks. From keynotes to vendor messaging to booth presentations, they were a ubiquitous topic in Las Vegas this year.

Cyber Resilience In A Remote Work World

The global pandemic that began to send us packing from our offices in March of last year upended our established way of working overnight. We’re still feeling the effects. Many office workers have yet to return to the office in the volumes they worked in pre-pandemic. For MSPs, that makes up a good portion of their clientele.

An MSP And SMB Guide To Disaster Preparation, Recovery, And Remediation

It’s important for a business to be prepared with an exercised business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) plan before it's hit with ransomware so that it can resume operations as quickly as possible. Key steps and solutions should be followed to prepare and respond to cyberthreats or attacks against your organization.

Lockdown Lessons — Lesson 3: How To Build A Cyber Resilient Business

Effective cyber resilience starts with people and is bolstered by technology. A layered approach of user education and cybersecurity solutions is the strongest way to secure your business and customers. This lesson describes the framework for achieving cyber resilience and explains how people and technologies work together to protect businesses from end to end.