Newsletter | July 30, 2020

07.30.20 -- Is MDM Harming Your Organization?

Channel Insights
How To Streamline Operations By Consolidating Your Vendors

Here are four things to consider when consolidating multiple vendors down to a single staffing platform and how one of our clients found success in the process.

Marketing Your MSP: Customer Development

If you’re not taking full advantage of automation to increase efficiency and scale your operations in 2020, you need to be. 

5 Cyber Fixes For 5 Risky Online Behaviors

When we looked at the results from our latest state-by-state comparison of the riskiest online security habits, a few things surprised us. Like techies scoring lower than average Americans. But what jumped out the most was how over-confident Americans in general are about their online security behavior. With that in mind, here are five ways to fix some of the riskiest behaviors we found in our latest survey.

Lockdown Lesson: Closing Security Gaps

From regular patches to disabling RDP, there are lots of simple steps you can take to lock down your security strategy. Watch our Lockdown Lessons videos to see what crucial measures you may be missing.

Driving Agility: Runbooks

The future doesn’t disclose what’s to come, and so your only plan of action is to be agile enough to sidestep or weather whatever storm comes your way. This series of blog posts zones in on specific IT Glue features that provide the agility you need.

Carbonite Endpoint Encryption: An In-Depth Look At The Encryption Technology Behind Our Premium Endpoint Backup Solution

By utilizing our automated key management and encryption technology in conjunction with our unique data deduplication, both efficiency of data deduplication and security of data can be accomplished.

Is MDM Harming Your Organization?

Mobile device management (MDM) will not secure your team. In fact, totally controlled endpoints are impractical for most of us. It’s important to secure the entire user holistically—not just one device — from attackers. 

Leadership Lessons
Should MSPs Offer IoT Managed Services?

Early adopters aren’t the only ones using Internet of Things (IoT) devices. There's now a serious market out there for business IoT devices. Even businesses that aren't particularly tech-savvy are increasingly interested in services that help them manage and coordinate enterprise IoT equipment.