Newsletter | July 26, 2022

07.26.22 -- How To Sell Cloud Backup To SMB Clients

How To Sell Cloud Backup To SMB Clients

The MSP industry is a crowded space. New players enter the market all the time, flooding an already competitive business environment. Moreover, a cottage industry of data backup and recovery solutions further complicates the landscape for your MSP and clients.

Building An Effective Incident Response Plan

The goal of an incident response plan (IRP) is to optimize recovery times and mitigate collateral damage (brand reputation, productivity) for your clients. This checklist helps break down the six steps of building an effective IRP to ensure your MSP and clients are ready for ransomware or any other incidents.

Peak UpTime Bolsters BCDR And Their Business With Unitrends

Peak UpTime started as an MSP in 2014, transitioning from a product-focused company to a strategic service provider. As a managed service provider, they knew that backup and recovery capabilities for their clients would be critical. For Matt Auld, vice president of cloud services, and his team, finding the right backup and disaster recovery solution to meet the needs of their blossoming MSP business was a huge challenge.

When ‘Okay’ Data Protection Is Not Enough

Contigo Technologies is a leading MSP based in Austin, Texas. While many MSPs focus on particular verticals, Contigo’s technical and service offerings have made them the “go-to” MSP for businesses across the Austin area. An example of their commitment to customer service is that they place an icon on every supported workstation that lets the user contact Contigo in a matter of seconds, whether to access support or just ask a question.

Spanning Backup For Office 365

Spanning Backup for Office 365 is a cloud-native, purpose-built solution providing powerful capabilities to protect your organization's critical data. As a native cloud solution, Spanning is fast and easy to install and requires no hardware, installed software, network bandwidth, data center space, management, or maintenance.

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