Newsletter | September 5, 2019

09.05.19 -- How To Price And Package MSP Security Services

Featured Editorial
Closing The IT Skills Gap: A Bridge (Not) Too Far
Guest Column | By John Prestridge, EasyVista

Bridging the gap between legacy and modern-day skillsets is more attainable than you might think. But first, your organization must be willing to embrace a culture of change.

Reader Spotlight: Steve Diaz, Optiva IT, LLC
Q&A | A conversation with Steve Diaz, Optiva IT, LLC

In this Reader Spotlight, Optiva IT, LLC’s Steve Diaz shares a little about himself, the company, and the state of the channel.

Channel Insights
The Importance Of The MSP Sales Process
Article | By Chris Wiser, Webroot

Imagine you’re an engineer working on server maintenance or a network infrastructure build — you wouldn’t do that without a plan, would you? Your sales strategy should be handled no differently.

What An MSP Can Do To Protect Their Clients From The Dark Web
Article | By Kevin Lancaster, ID Agent

As an MSP or MSSP, you are doing your part to secure and monitor your client’s network and provide a seamless user experience. However, through no fault of your own, your clients and their employees are not making your job easier by creating credential-based blind spots that until now were hard to detect and mitigate.

Telehealth: Top 3 Trends For 2019
Article | By Samantha Kalany, BlueStar, Inc.

Telehealth and telemedicine have brought a lot of opportunity to the table, or better yet, your device screens, in the past year. From enabling clinicians to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients remotely all in convenient time frames, the need for WebMD and waiting in line at germ-infested waiting rooms is no longer prevalent.

How Copier Dealers Can Go To Market Faster Selling Managed IT Services
Webinar | Taylor Business Group

More copier dealers are entering the managed IT services business at a rapid pace as a way to expand their business and revenue. This on-demand webinar, co-presented by Taylor Business Group, shares lessons learned in the industry so you can go to market faster with fewer headaches.

Leadership Lessons
How To Price And Package MSP Security Services
  Guest Column | By Dustin Statz, Infogressive Inc.

As an operationally mature MSP, you should be pricing your basic support services on a per seat basis with project work, DR, backup, etc. as add-on pricing modules that complement the recurring support you deliver to your clients.