Newsletter | September 10, 2020

09.10.20 -- How To Outsell Changes In Technology And Consumer Behavior

Channel Insights
How To Get Buy-In From Senior Management

What do you do when you’ve found the perfect solution to your woes, and you need to get senior management or ownership to sign off on it? We’ve taken a look at this exact situation and found a few different strategies that have proven to be effective.

Lost Or Stolen Business Device? Here’s What To Do Next

When an employee loses or has a business smart device stolen, it poses a significant, looming risk to your company. The data stored on that device could expose you to a breach, invite data privacy compliance complaints, or worse.

Are Your Cybersecurity & Compliance Measures Remote-Ready?

Even if your customers were compliant at the start of the year, they are probably out of compliance now. With a massive shift to remote work, and staff using insecure home networks and personal devices, your compliance strategy must shift if your business is going to adapt to a post-pandemic world.

What To Look For In Cyber Risk Insurance

After an incredibly damaging and costly run of high-profile cybercrime, many businesses may be relieved to learn they can purchase some protection in the form of Cyber Risk Insurance. With so many companies having their data held hostage of huge dumps of private information, who wouldn’t be a little scared that they might be next?

How To Outsell Changes In Technology And Consumer Behavior

Years ago, business owners sought resellers who could provide technologies to streamline operations. Today, business owners need more from resellers than just technology. So, what can resellers do to stand out while staying ahead of changes in technology and consumer behavior?

Today’s Smart Home Technologies And Turning Them Into Profits

Learn about the latest trends and products for smart homes and how to successfully turn them into profit. You’ll also see various sales opportunities and how to market them.

Lockdown Lessons Episode 2: Reinforcing Your Network

In today’s cyber-climate, if you don’t have a good security setup, the chances you’ll get breached get higher every day. And if you do get breached, the customers who trust you will have their confidence shaken. The damage to that trust relationship could really cost you—no matter how good your products or services are.

Leadership Lessons
2020 Emerging Technology Top 10 List

Each year, the CompTIA Emerging Technology Community unveils the annual Emerging Technology Top 10 list. Originally set for release in March 2020, but delayed amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the list reflects the emerging technologies the community believes are poised to have the greatest impact in 2020.

The End Of The Day With Ray! Talking With Jay McBain

A principle analyst at Forrester talks about the MSP channel.

The One Soft Skill MSPs Must Identify For The COVID-19 Workforce And Beyond

Technicians can be your greatest asset as well as your greatest expense; the Work Institute conservatively estimates that the cost to lose a U.S. worker is $15,000. Amid COVID-19 that number may even be greater given the unique customer interfacing challenges that technicians are facing with each state’s social distancing rules. This presents a potential incalculable loss to your MSP’s reputation.