Newsletter | February 13, 2020

02.13.20 -- How To: Naming Conventions For Documentation

  Provide Comprehensive Security Throughout Your Customers’ Infrastructure

Services are the key to success as an MSP/MSSP; go beyond IDS-as-a-Service or Firewall-as-a-Service. Stellar Cyber delivers a comprehensive view of your customers’ security and automatically detects anomalies, investigates the causes, and responds to threats as no other solution can. Starlight’s GUI follows the whole kill chain, ensuring analysts get up to speed quickly. It’s days versus months of training, so your time to revenue is slashed. Learn more.

Channel Insights
Automating Backup: Opportunities And Best Practices
White Paper | Bocada

Backup reporting automation offers a lot of benefits for companies looking to streamline their processes and rein in the time and costs associated with this task. It doesn’t just simplify day-to-day backup operations but also the critical information sharing that comes with these responsibilities.

The Math Behind Successful As-A-Service: Understanding And Calculating Churn
Article | By Gregg Lalle, ConnectWise

Sometimes referred to as attrition or turnover, churn is your number of customers at the beginning of a period minus your number of customers at the end. It calculates the overall difference but excludes any new sales over that period. Customer churn can include cancellations, non-renewals, or customers switching to another provider.

Where To Find IT Technicians
Article | Field Nation

Finding qualified IT technicians in this competitive labor market can be a challenge. It’s even harder when you need to fill skill gaps and satisfy complex job requirements under intense deadline pressure. This guide will explore ways to reach more job seekers and engage the right candidates for your team.

Lockdown Lessons 3: Closing Security Gaps
Article | Webroot

In this guide, we’ll go over some basic ways that can help small and midsize businesses and managed services providers (MSPs) future-proof their IT environments against sophisticated, modern malware.

5iron Implements An Automated, Multi-Tenant Security System To Expand Services
Case Study | Stellar Cyber

5iron is an advanced managed security services provider focused on serving financial institutions. A recent security system implementation has allowed the company to automate security responses to boost analyst productivity.

How To: Naming Conventions For Documentation
  Article | IT Glue

Consistent naming conventions are crucial to getting the most out of your documentation. With strong naming conventions, you’ll be able to find documents efficiently, avoid creating duplicate documents, and easily understand the contents of a document without having to click into it. Remember, naming conventions are all about utility; once the system is learned, anybody should be able to interpret the document name accurately.


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Leadership Lessons
4 Content Marketing Traps MSPs Should Avoid
  Guest Column | Business Solutions Network

It's hard to pick content marketing topics that will truly engage your customers. Avoid these four mistakes that may turn your customers away.

Reader Spotlight
Reader Spotlight: Joshua Liberman, Net Sciences, Inc.
A conversation with Joshua Liberman, Net Sciences, Inc.

In this Reader Spotlight, Net Sciences, Inc. President and ASCII Group member Joshua Liberman shares a little about himself, company, and the state of the channel.

Reader Spotlight: John Stubbs, Mac Productions, Inc.
A conversation with John Stubbs, Mac Productions, Inc.

In this Reader Spotlight, Mac Productions, Inc. Chairman/CEO/CMO John Stubbs shares a little about himself, company, and the state of the channel.