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07.03.19 -- How To Manage Millennials In The IT Workforce

Featured Editorial
Tips For Choosing The Right VoIP Solution
Guest Column | By John Watkins, inRsite IT Solutions

Whether you are looking for a new Voice over IP (VoIP) system for a client or for use at your own business, there are several things you should consider before even glancing at the PBX features list.

How To Manage Millennials In The IT Workforce
Guest Column | By Eric Kiehn, C&W Technologies and ASCII Group member

Millennials don’t have a work ethic, care only about themselves, and — if you’re lucky — they show up for work. As a tail end baby boomer, I subscribed to some of this thinking, but would like to propose something that may not be as obvious: Maybe we are the problem.

Channel Insights
How To Recognize And Deal With Phishing Scams
White Paper | ID Agent

Although spam inboxes assist in weeding out imposter messages, there are still many that slip through filters and end up where trustworthy emails are sent. These emails, disguised as legitimate, are actually phishing scams that aim to attack users like you.

Contingent Labor: How To Source & Manage The Right Workers
White Paper | Field Nation

The shift from using traditional W-2 employees to contractors allows businesses to reduce the costs of recruiting, training, and insuring new employees. Aside from its cost-savings, contingent labor also offers flexible, scalable, and efficient workforce solutions that improve performance metrics.

2019 State Of The MSP Report
White Paper | Datto Inc.

More than 1,600 MSPs were surveyed to learn about their day-to-day lives, businesses, and IT channel predictions. The result: a wealth of statistics covering everything from the technology MSPs are using and business challenges they’re facing, to where they get their news and how many industry events they attend annually.

Online Backup Active Protection: Fighting Back Against Ransomware
White Paper | SherWeb

Do not wait for ransomware to get in the door; protect your systems and data now. Online Backup Active Protection is the only solution that fights back against ransomware instantly.

In Case You Missed It
3 Paths To VoIP For MSPs
Guest Column | By John Watkins, inRsite IT Solutions

Our company started offering VoIP initially as an add-on service to our current clients, but quickly discovered there was more to it than simply setting up the client’s account and plugging in the phones.

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