Newsletter | June 18, 2020

06.18.20 -- How To Manage Cash Flow During A Crisis

Channel Insights
What Sales Roles Do You Need In An MSP?

As your company continues to grow, so should your sales team. We know, sales isn’t your favorite topic, but once you’ve developed an unbeatable sales team, it just might be.

The Importance Of Office 365 Backup

Develop an effective protection strategy for Microsoft Office 365 data.

Healthcare Cyberthreats That Should Keep You Up At Night

Cybersecurity is a group effort that we should all share. From governing bodies to businesses to individual users, each of us has a role to play in creating a more secure connected world.

How MSPs Can Use Backup Monitoring To Build Cybersecurity Defense

No matter how savvy an MSP’s backup, storage, and IT infrastructure team is, the possibility of end customers facing cyberattacks will always be present. To better safeguard customers’ IT assets, build a robust IT infrastructure that supports improved oversight and risk prevention.

How Leaders Are Preparing For The Rest Of 2020: Field Service Roundtable

With coronavirus restrictions still in place across many states and employees and customers still concerned about having strangers in their homes and businesses, see how field service leaders are preparing to address these concerns and manage service for the rest of 2020.

MSP Insider's Guide To An Exceptional Customer Journey: Stellar Service & Support

With a firm commitment to customer support and service, your team can really focus on providing superior account management.

How To Manage Cash Flow During A Crisis

You never know what economic crisis is around the corner, so it’s critical to preserve cash and have a crystal-clear picture of your company’s financial position day-to-day.

Leadership Lessons
4 Ways To Improve Email Security Amidst Growing Cyberthreats

Millions of people are trying to adjust to our new reality — one where we work from home quite literally all the time. For the safety of ourselves and others, there’s nowhere else we can go. Unfortunately, for hackers and other bad actors, they can now go more places than ever.

Windows Server: Desktop Virtualization And Fitness

Fifty-eight percent of IT business revenue is projected to grow in 2020, and the businesses will likely increase their IT budget to self-invest in their growth. Eighty-eight percent of IT firms expect their budgets to increase or remain the same in 2020, which will contribute to a 44 percent IT budget increase (up from 38 percent in 2019).

License To Repeat: IT Provider Converts Software License Into Recurring Revenue

As a managed services provider, Elevate Technology Group engineers, implements, and remotely monitors and manages customer IT infrastructures through technology solutions that meet clients’ long-term visions and business plans. The firm’s proactive support model focuses on combining customer service with 24/7/365 IT help desk services, specializing in supporting environments with a low tolerance for downtime and those with users who require a VIP experience.

Is Big Tech Ruining Trust?

In the lead up to March 2020 and the pandemic we live in, Big Tech has dominated the news for the last decade. First, with a promise of connecting people and making the world a smaller place, the big companies grew quickly and drove tremendous stockholder value. Then, those with less idealistic goals leveraged these tools and algorithms and changed the conversation. Where once digital technology was viewed as a positive, it is often discussed in much more negative tones.