Newsletter | July 22, 2020

07.22.20 -- How To Improve Business Cyber-Resilience

5 Ways To Improve Business Cyber-Resilience

Cyber-security is a lot like military strategy. Both involve a battle of wills between adversaries that includes the use of force. It’s no wonder why cyber-security practices often borrow from military tactics.

Hackers Set Their Sights On (Small) Businesses

The Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report indicates that more than 70% of cyberattacks target small businesses. Hackers are also targeting MSPs more frequently because it gives them access to even more systems with the potential to collect bigger payouts.

Town Of Colonie Avoids More Than $400,000 In Ransom Due To Appliances And Backup

The stories of ransomware attacks have unfortunately become more common, especially among municipalities. But, when the Town of Colonie, in the greater Albany, NY region, became the latest to fall prey to a ransomware attempt, the outcome was different than many others thanks to protection. 

Work From Home May Mean Working From Personal Devices; Don’t Forget Backup And Security

During remote work many employees are forced or simply able to use personal devices for business-related activities. This presents unique security concerns according to threat analyst Tyler Moffitt.

Reap The Benefits Of Managed Service Packaging

Developing a go-to-market strategy can be challenging for IT providers. In the managed service model, IT providers deliver services on an ongoing basis and charge customers on a subscription basis. Customers outsource all, or part, of their IT needs to the provider.