Newsletter | April 30, 2020

04.30.20 -- How To Help Your Clients Transition To Working Remotely

Channel Insights
How To Structure Risk Assessments

There are many ways to structure a risk assessment, but at the end of the day, some methods deliver more value than others.

The Ultimate Guide To On-Site Managed Services

Comprehensive service agreements often include break-fixes, hardware upgrades, and routine cleaning. Compared to remote IT management, these on-site services are often far less efficient.

Why Hackers Hack: The Profile

Building hacker profiles to understand their motivation helps us identify who they target, their skill level, and the type of defenses you need to combat them.

inSOC Builds A SOC With New Open-XDR Platform

This solution exposes the entire kill chain and combines all key security technologies under a single pane of glass to boost analyst productivity.

How To Generate Revenue With Data Analytics

Your clients are busy running their businesses and don’t have time to worry about accumulating and analyzing data. They are looking to you as their trusted adviser to do that, and, with the correct business platform, you can accomplish that and more.

Crisis Management Advice
Leading Your Team Through The Global COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 has become the most disruptive global event of our time, upending how we work and live. In this environment, MSPs are handling a vast number of uncertainties. How do we support the mushrooming demands and rapidly changing needs of our customers? What changes are necessary to help our teams work more effectively in a remote environment? How do we maintain resiliency in our operations? How do we protect the health of our employees? How long will this go on? And, how should we pivot to prepare for lasting change that will come to our industry?

Remote Access Risk Increases Because Of COVID-19

The rush to allow users to work from home due to the COVID-19 virus opens up an increased threat vector. As companies struggle to allow their employees to work from home creating social distancing, security may not be sufficiently considered. Before just turning on remote access, please keep these basic rules in mind.

How To Help Your Clients Transition To Working Remotely

Joe Alapat is a serial entrepreneur in the IT services industry with over two decades of experience managing IT infrastructure. He took the time to speak with MSP Insights about whether or not your clients are ready to transition to work remotely, advice to give them to be psychologically prepared to work from home, and more.

Leadership Lessons
MSPs Under Attack: 7 Steps To Safe Havens, Protection, And Immunity

Too many MSPs conclude today that deploying a firewall with “advanced threat protection” suffices, when, in fact, this type of thinking and approach is what made the gatekeepers targets.

Why Companies Should Begin Moving 100% To The Cloud

The cloud market today is a large and growing industry that continues to evolve, and innovation is taking place at every turn. Still, the untapped growth potential is significant. It’s clear that the opportunity for continued cloud growth is abundant and the adoption rate is expected to accelerate.