Article | August 13, 2019

How To Ensure Success Of An MRR Model In Your VAR Business

Source: ConnectWise

By Craig Fulton, ConnectWise

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According to a recent Aria research study, only 11% of businesses are planning to rely on one-off sales as a major point of revenue moving into the future. Adding a recurring revenue model is the key to staying ahead of technology and moving your business forward.

Best in class services-led organizations are already outperforming the competition by 3x. Interested in getting started? Let’s dive into some tips to hit the ground running with a recurring revenue model:

Save Time and Money with Automation

Without automation, your team spends more time offering services to your customers, which will negatively impact your profitability. In other words, administrative work takes up more of your employees’ time, which could be better spent on profit-driving activities.

Time Is Money

So, how can you keep the time drain of providing services to a minimum while still offering quality services? The best and most successful companies do the following:

- Design workflows and processes to make managed services an efficient profit center. These processes are enforced by automation that ensures accountability from all departments and individuals and dramatically reduces the time to onboard and support clients.