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10.10.19 -- How To Effectively Close And Follow Up On A Sale


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Channel Insights
Security-As-A-Service — Where Do I Start?
Q&A | A discussion with David Barton, Stellar Cyber

For an MSP adding security services, or an MSSP looking to target a new market segment, here are answers to common questions I frequently get when I meet with services providers.

The Benefits And Challenges Of mPOS
Article | By Felicia Jordan, BlueStar, Inc.

While few would question that mobile POS is an inevitable future for POS systems in an increasingly wireless and IoT-friendly world, actual adoption of the technology has been behind expectations. Customers looking for replicated online experiences in brick-and-mortar stores will eventually push retailers to get on board, but not before they grapple with the challenges and embrace the possibilities of mPOS solutions.

Why You Need To Add Dark Web Monitoring To Your Service Offering
Article | By Dana Liedholm, ID Agent

Right now, all that stands in the way of your customers and a massive, costly breach is a few passwords — unless you’re offering dark web monitoring as a service.

How MSPs Can Improve Marketing Success
Article | By Maude Tanguay, SherWeb

That piqued your interest, right? You need to set the tools properly before you start operating. MSPs doing marketing usually start with one isolated tactic instead of doing the whole process. It’s a rookie move and very normal, but it doesn’t work.

The MSP Business Is Changing. Are You Ready?
Article | By Ashley Ogilvie, IT Glue

What can you do to ensure your MSP is in a good position to adapt to these changes? We put together some thoughts.

MSP Success Roadmap: 5 Steps To Working Smarter And Faster
E-Book | Kaseya

The MSP market is volatile and brimming with ideas and solutions to make everyone’s life a bit easier. Download our e-book and check out the multiple ways in which you can leverage the right blend of hard work and smart work to avoid all the dysfunctions, roadblocks, and barriers waiting for your MSP business.

ASCII Educational Webinar: MSPs And Their Customers Under Cyberattack
Video | The ASCII Group

Hear from a top industry expert as he shares useful information for anyone involved in cybersecurity.

Leadership Lessons
5 Steps To Encourage Existing Customers To Buy New Products
Guest Column | By Sparky Farwell, CSS Group at CCI Systems

Building strong business relationships with customers is key to selling additional product offerings. Think of a relationship mindset as the foundation and these five steps as the walls and roof that transform it into something built to last.

Disaster-Proofing Businesses: Lessons Learned From The Eye Of Sandy
Guest Column | By Frank DeBenedetto, Two River Technology Group

As MSPs, we’re constantly preaching the need for data backup, business continuity plans, and preparation for any and all “what if” scenarios. But inevitably there will be customers who fail to take things seriously until it’s too late.

How To Effectively Close And Follow Up On A Sale
  Guest Column | By Erick Simpson

Many sales professionals make the mistake of placing too much importance on the actual close of the sale itself. Closing should be a natural and logical progression after properly qualifying the prospect and covering the different alternatives the prospect must weigh in making their buying decision.

Upcoming Webinar
Successful Approaches To Pricing Managed Services Offerings

Friday, October 18 | 8:00 a.m. PT / 11:00 a.m. ET

Plan on joining Jeff Connolly, sr. director, managed services research at TSIA, for this 30-minute webinar where he'll reveal select findings from TSIA's 2019 Managed Services Pricing Survey that can help you understand common and successful approaches to designing, establishing, and pricing managed services offers, including:

  • Pricing Models: The model a company uses to set the price of service offers.
  • Pricing Mechanisms: The way the company charges the customer for service offerings.
  • Pricing Practices: The processes a company executes in order to design and administer pricing.
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