Newsletter | August 22, 2019

08.22.19 -- How To Build A Better Security Stack

  Using Prediction To Get To Predictable: How AI Helps SMBs And MSPs

Targeted attacks have risen in the past few years and and automated threat detection and instinctual security solutions are changing the game for MSPs like never before. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), these solutions preemptively recognize cybersecurity threats before they happen. Join Tyler Moffitt, Webroot Senior Threat Analyst and Nick Cavalancia, Techvangelism Founder & Chief Techvangelist to discover how continuous threat prediction automatically defends against modern-day threats giving you the freedom to focus on the success of your MSP business. Register Now.

Featured Editorial
Why Isn’t Cloud Saving Me Money? Hint: Your Hurdles Are Organizational
Guest Column | By Stefana Muller, 2nd Watch

The main reason companies delay and/or avoid confronting issues related to cloud cost optimization is because they are incredibly complex. Challenges range from cloud sprawl to misaligned priorities. Understanding these challenges before you begin is essential to success.

Reader Spotlight: Chris Chirgwin, Lanspeed
Q&A | A conversation with Chris Chirgwin, Lanspeed

In this “Reader Spotlight,” Lanspeed CEO Chris Chirgwin shares a little about himself, his company, and the state of the channel.

Channel Insights
The Ultimate Guide To The World's Best MSPs
White Paper | Webroot

You can’t read three sentences about the channel nowadays without encountering “fast-changing,” “rapid evolution,” or some other such term referring to the whirlwind pace of change happening in the sector. As oft-used as these phrases are, they aren’t over-used. The indirect IT sales channel is, in fact, growing, changing, and evolving at a rapid clip, and there’s no point in sight when it might slow down.

RMM Solutions Helps MSP Get the Most From Its IT Complete Infrastructure Investment
Case Study | Kaseya

CMI is one of the U.K.'s leading IT services providers delivering a wide range of services including infrastructure design and implementation and support. Here's what happened when CMI decided it needed an RMM system.

You’ve Been Breached: Now What?
Article | ID Agent

It can happen to anyone — you’ve just become the latest victim of a data breach. At this point, the only question racing through your mind is, “What do I do next?”

Leadership Lessons
How To Build A Better Security Stack
  Guest Column | By Joshua Liberman, Net Sciences, Inc.

The sun never sets on the threat landscape. And this is highly asymmetric warfare; you must provide 360 degrees of protection, but attackers need find only that one degree of weakness.

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