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How Resellers Can Become The Trusted Advisors On Security Issues

Source: Webroot
Trusted Advisors On Security Issues

Providing superior IT solutions to customers not only differentiates VARs from their competitors, it also establishes a foundation of trust upon which a VAR can build a lasting advisor relationship with its customers. Becoming a trusted advisor requires that VARs make a concerted, continuous effort to learn not only about their clients’ business operations, but also about the optimum IT solutions for those customers – and that often means refusing to settle for the status quo.

It’s not surprising that conventional antivirus (AV) solutions provide conventional (and unremarkable) results; nor is it surprising that many customers and VARs view AV products as necessary evils, offering some malware threat protection but at the cost of considerable customer frustration and dissatisfaction. VARs who settle for mediocre AV products ultimately encourage customers to view the VAR as equally undistinguished.

Delivering truly exceptional endpoint security – thus building credibility and trust with the VAR’s customers – demands a fundamentally new approach... precisely what Webroot solutions employ. The cloud-based Webroot ® architecture combines far better protection, quicker installation and faster scanning. Because Webroot provides unrivaled protection that imposes virtually no penalty on system performance, customer satisfaction (and with it, long-term patronage and recurring, predictable revenue for VARs) significantly increases.

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