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04.25.19 -- How MSPs Can Protect Clients From Ever-More Sophisticated Ransomware Attacks

Featured Editorial
The VoIP Mistake You Don’t Know You Are Making
Guest Column | By Barb Paluszkiewicz, CDN Technologies Inc.

Our job is to help other businesses plan for and recover from disruptive events, and we all know the importance of backing up data, backing up systems, documentation, and how a proper data continuity plan can prevent a business from bleeding money and losing time. However, do we all know the importance of voice continuity planning? I’d argue most of us don’t.

How MSPs Can Protect Clients From Ever-More Sophisticated Ransomware Attacks
Guest Column | By Chris Jann, Medicus IT

In another nod to the mainstream software industry, attackers can now enlist Ransomware-as-a-Service providers to utilize effective malware with no need to develop or manage it themselves. Yep, upstanding security MSPs now have an evil twin, so to speak: While your MSP business seeks to provide clients with better protections, there are criminal managed services providers offering criminal clients better attacks.

Channel Insights
The Ultimate IT PSA Buyer's Guide
White Paper | Datto Inc.

Learn what every IT pro needs to know before buying a business management platform. This IT PSA Buyer's Guide helps you identify the key features that your IT professional services automation (PSA) solution needs to have, including enhanced automation, the ability to unify your essential business processes to help your business grow.

A Headset Is No Longer Just A Headset!
Q&A | A conversation with Jesper Kock, Sennheiser

Today, simple headsets are bundled as free accessories to any mobile phone, giving them a perception of “nice to have” gimmicks in the consumer market. But in some areas, such as professional office environments, headsets are so much more than mere accessories, having evolved into complex pieces of IT equipment that can transform the business of communication. Jesper Kock, director of research and development at Sennheiser Communications, explains why that is and why the right choice of headsets is crucial for businesses.

10 Steps To Successfully Educate Your Clients’ End Users About Cybersecurity
Article | Webroot

In the last year, phishing was involved in 93 percent of successful security breaches. But we shouldn’t point the finger at human error alone. Today’s phishing attacks can be pretty convincing. And, ultimately, we’re all in this together. What your clients really need is a solution that empowers end users to be a strong line of defense. They need cybersecurity awareness training.

5 Cloud Trends MSPs Need To Be Considering
Guest Column | By Mark Kirstein, BitTitan

By thinking about trends — such as growing hybrid cloud strategies or the need for better data governance — MSPs and IT professionals can be better prepared for the future and more effective as they forecast revenue, consider new service offerings, or even how to improve customer satisfaction rates.

Channel Voice, The Channel Executive Podcast

Catch up on an archive of conversations with channel luminaries including Paul Dippell, Robin Robins, Carrie Simpson, Bradley Gross, Tim Conkle, Jay McBain, Arlin Sorensen, and many, many more.

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