Newsletter | March 19, 2020

03.19.20 -- How MSPs Can Prepare For COVID-19 And Beyond


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Channel Insights
U.K.’s Cambridge Helpdesk Adds Layer Of Client Security With Secure DNS Solution
Case Study | Webroot

Like many MSPs around the world, Cambridge Helpdesk was becoming more concerned about the rapid proliferation of ransomware threats in today’s security landscape. This concern was growing even more acute because Cambridge Helpdesk’s endpoint security solutions at the time (ESET and Bitdefender) were providing little or no protection against the current ransomware onslaught.

inSOC's MSSP Accelerator Program
Case Study | Stellar Cyber

You know you are going to have to expand your cybersecurity offering, but where and how do you start?

Is Your Industry Veteran Status Jeopardizing Your Success?
  Article | By Sean Berg, Shift4 Payments

Being an experienced reseller has benefits — and challenges. A major challenge is trying to keep an open mind to learn about each customer’s needs. After visiting thousands of customers, it becomes difficult to not predict what a customer will need. But doing so can result in missed sales opportunities.

How To Build Your MSP Through Public Speaking – Even If It Terrifies You
Video | The ASCII Group

Learn the key differences between "speaking to present" and "speaking to sell" as well as beginner mistakes to avoid.

Leadership Lessons
Cybersecurity Guidelines For MSPs And Their Clients
Guest Column | By Jason Rorie, Elevated Technologies

First, you have to start with a conversation to understand how the client needs to be protected. The saying is, “How much security is enough?” The answer is just enough. You don’t want them to have vulnerabilities, but you don’t want them so secure that users circumvent the security measures to get their work done. You have to find balance..

The New Wave Of Email Security: Maintaining Control Of Your Customers’ Data
Guest Column | By Jason Green, Chief Revenue Officer, Trustifi

To understand next-gen email security features, we must review how the market has evolved toward regulations-driven sales — and why this may still leave some end users vulnerable.

How MSPs Can Prepare For COVID-19 And Beyond
  Guest Column | By Dan Timko, J2 Global

What follows are recommendations for MSPs to prepare themselves and their customers for a potential pandemic. While the prospect is alarming, it’s also an opportunity to help your customers when they need you most.

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