Newsletter | May 8, 2022

05.08.22 -- How IT Documentation Can Help With A Smooth M&A Process

How IT Documentation Can Help With A Smooth M&A Process

Bringing together two organizations with different cultures, people, and IT systems is not an easy task. However, mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are inevitable in the tech industry since they help companies expand their business, enter new markets, augment their portfolio and assets, and more. Proper documentation plays a critical role in simplifying the complicated nature of M&As in both the pre- and post-acquisition phases.

Documentation Security Framework: The Sandwich Approach

Organizations today have a lot to deal with when it comes to cybersecurity and compliance. Hence, you need to develop the right framework to establish the right processes in place. Most importantly, you need to know the guidelines and best practices to ensure adherence to the right regulatory requirements.

4 Ways To Detox Your Clients’ IT Environments

From managing remote work transitions to combating security issues, MSPs had a lot on their hands during the unpredictable past year. With businesses now becoming more vulnerable to security threats than ever before, it is time to take your security measures up a notch. You need to detox clients' environments to make sure things continue to run accordingly well into 2022.

Security Risks Of Remote Employee Offboarding

If you are in IT, handling offboarding for employees leaving the company is always a tricky job. With the sheer number of security risks it presents, you need to make sure you leave no stone unturned. From revoking access permissions to ensuring complete data security, there are a myriad of tasks that just cannot be overlooked. With remote working environments becoming the norm, the process of offboarding employees has become even more complicated.

3 Ways To Optimize Your PSA To Drive Business Growth

While anyone can start a business, running it successfully is an entirely different story. MSPs often struggle with creating a best-in-class customer experience, while streamlining technician workflows, aligning technology and tools, and much more. In order to strike the right balance, you’ll want to focus on key areas of your business operations that drive the biggest impact.

Preparing Your Clients’ IT Environments For Security Threats

The past year was a challenging one for MSPs all over the world. From facilitating the forced transition to remote work environments to managing the massive rise in security threats, MSPs had their hands full. With the rise in remote and hybrid work environments, the IT environments of businesses are extremely vulnerable now more than ever.

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