Newsletter | November 27, 2019

11.27.19 -- How Cybersecurity Can Save Your MSP

Channel Insights
What Is A Smart City, And Why Should I Care?
Article | By Felicia Jordan, BlueStar, Inc.

The technology world is full of buzzwords, and our channel is no exception to this rule. As soon as one term becomes demystified, two more spring up in its place. Just when you thought you understood what the Internet of Things is and how it could impact your business, the term ‘smart city’ starts getting kicked around.

How To Grow Your Business With LinkedIn
Webinar | ID Agent

You want to grow your MSP business and need to schedule more calls with targeted buyers. This 60-minute webinar reviews the four pillars that LinkedIn has identified as the key areas social sellers need to focus on to be successful, referred to as the Social Selling Index.

8 Ways Your Content Marketing Is Failing
Guest Column | By Elizabeth Harr, Hinge

Creating and executing effective content can help your customers better understand the issues they face. Done right, it’s also a significant value-add to your marketing efforts — and a proven way to convert prospects into customers.

How ConnectWise Manage Revolutionized The Way We Work
Case Study | ConnectWise

Connections for Business, a South Florida IT services provider, was spending unnecessary money on labor and overhead. Once ConnectWise Manage was implemented into their business model, the company saw profit margins grow as they decreased spending and improved service delivery.

5 Keys To Retaining Top Technicians
Article | By Jonathan James, IT Glue

At the end of the day, great IT techs are hard to find and hard to keep. But if you do the right things, as we’ve laid out, you’ll have the best possible chance of attracting and retaining the best.

The Radicati Group Endpoint Security — Market Quadrant 2019 Report
White Paper | Webroot

An analysis of the market for endpoint security reveals top players, trail blazers, specialists, and mature players.

How Public Speaking Can Help Build Your MSP
Video | The ASCII Group

Learn the key differences between "speaking to present" and "speaking to sell" as well as beginner mistakes to avoid.

How Cybersecurity Can Save Your MSP
  Guest Column | By Jennifer Bleam, MSP Sales Revolution

Cybersecurity sales allows you to position yourself as a thought leader and differentiate yourself in this very crowded marketplace. When you combine healthy margins with a non-commoditized specialization, you have a winning recipe for success.

ASCII Education Webinar: Understanding What High-Growth MSPs Are Doing To Close Business

December 11, 2 p.m. EDT

At the end of 2018, ASCII surveyed over 370 MSP members on the sales strategies they used to close new business. The results were insightful and uncovered which strategies out-perform others in terms of higher close ratios for both referral and non-referral business. During this session, we will go through and analyze what specific sales tactics are typically utilized by high-growth MSPs in closing new clients. Join us as we break the numbers down on sales performance and identify what you could potentially be doing differently to close more business. Hosted by Jerry Koutavas, president, The ASCII Group.

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