Newsletter | October 27, 2019

10.27.19 -- Generating Profit With AI And Machine Learning In Cybersecurity

Channel Insights
8 Break-Fix Problems Solved By RMM
Article | By Brett Cheloff, ConnectWise

Despite the rise of managed services providers, many IT companies still operate on a break-fix model. But the proactive managed services model is far easier and more cost-effective — and helps you provide a much stronger level of service to your clients. If you’re still providing services on a break-fix basis, a remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool can help you make the transition to managed services.

The MSP's Guide To Field Service
White Paper | Field Nation

As business needs and worker preferences shift from traditional employment to flexible, project-based work, integrated SaaS platforms and other technologies make it possible to scale a complex variable workforce, which enables MSPs of all sizes to efficiently source, manage, and deploy on-demand technicians.

Bundling Security Services To Improve Pricing And Close Ratios
Article | Stellar Cyber

As an MSP adding security services, or an MSSP looking to target a new market segment, bundling services has a positive effect on your close ratios, pricing, and your ability to scale your business.

Has The Integrated Space Evolution Left You Behind? Find Out How You Can Win
Article | Shift4 Payments

Advancing technology and consumer behavior are changing the direction of the industry. To survive in today’s competitive market, resellers must become intimately familiar with all facets of the integrated space and the entire business ecosystem or find themselves quickly becoming obsolete.

How To Deliver Efficient IT Service By Automating Time-Consuming Workflows
E-Book | Kaseya

Faced with challenges such as lack of resources, manual processes, and increased IT complexity — as well as cybersecurity concerns and compliance regulations — IT teams need a unified IT management solution to not only deliver better service, but also to transform the business.

Generating Profit With AI And Machine Learning In Cybersecurity
  E-Book | Webroot

Cybercrime has evolved beyond benign teenage mischief and is now linked to organized crime, human trafficking, terrorist cells, and nation-states. Fortunately, there are resources for tackling this constantly evolving cyberwar.

Leadership Lessons
The Power Of Podcasting: What It Can Do For Your Business
Guest Column | By Barb Paluszkiewicz, CDN Technologies Inc.

There are many ways to build effective business relationships, and podcasting is quickly becoming an efficient way to make positive connections with prospective clients because it gives personality to the content being consumed. Audio content is easy listening and mobile, making it stronger than the written word.

Why MSPs Must Deliver Results-Oriented Value Props
Guest Column | By Rich Hervig, Brightside IT

Clients are coming to view the solutions we MSPs deliver as simple commodities. The day is soon coming when MSPs that aren’t delivering either the cheapest or the best tools are very likely to lose commodity-minded customers to whoever is.

Tech Leaders Talk National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

In honor of celebrating the 16th annual National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, leading tech industry experts have provided the comments below showcasing the importance of this holiday.

Will Master IT Services Providers Continue Being Masters?
  Guest Column | By Ray Stasieczko, TEASRA

After experiencing master service providers firsthand as the COO with a very successful managed IT security and services firm, I wanted to share some thoughts regarding how I see the future of these providers.