Newsletter | June 19, 2019

06.19.19 -- Gear Up For Security, Microsoft 365, Online Backup, Office Protect

The Ultimate Guide To Reselling Microsoft 365 Business

Looking for a new solution that will help your small business clients protect their data and boost your revenue at the same time? According to YouGov and Microsoft, 71 percent of cyber criminals target small businesses. This e-book will show you why Microsoft 365 Business is your best bet. You will learn what Microsoft 365 Business really is, why you should resell Microsoft 365, and how to pitch the solution to your clients.

The Complete Guide To Online Backup

Have you lost your way reselling cloud backup services? This guide is for you. For every MSP, offering backup-as-a-service is a guarantee for success. It helps build strong relationships with clients, increase customer retention, and make sustainable revenue. This guide contains marketing, sales, and technical information to build a perfect backup-as-a-service offer.

Online Backup Active Protection: Fighting Back Against Ransomware

In early 2018, there were 542 identified ransomware families. That number is still growing! Do not wait for ransomware to get in the door; protect your systems and data now. Online Backup Active Protection is the only solution that fights back against ransomware instantly.

Is Your Business Ready For The Worst?

Disasters aren’t always caused by human error. Just in the U.S., 2017 was a record year for disasters with natural calamities costing $306 billion in damages. The impact on businesses was high. When a business is down, chances are it will stay closed forever. With a well-planned disaster recovery strategy, you can keep offering services to your clients even while your building is on fire.

MSP Bundling Cookbook: 5 Steps To Double Your Margins With Office 365

In this e-book you will learn how you can be really successful at selling Office 365. This is a simple five-step guide for building a competitive bundle to help MSPs make stronger margins. The e-book will teach you why bundling is the future, how to bundle Office 365 for success, and how to handle customer objections.