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Don't Fall Prey To The Common Myths Of Transitioning

Source: Webroot
IT Professsionals Need To Build Better Relationships With Other Departments, Report Says

IT solutions providers interested in adopting managed services should not fall prey to common myths about the transition.

The IT ecosystem is changing faster than ever. The cloud alone has had a major impact on what customers need and expect. Other trends, such as the rise in mobility, have also contributed to the ever-shifting landscape.

Savvy IT resellers have done their best to adjust to these changes. Many are no longer focused on hardware sales. Many are no longer rolling trucks for service. Many have, instead, adopted the managed services model.

Despite existing as a proven and successful business model for years, there are still many IT resellers who do not offer managed services, or do so in a very limited capacity. When asked why they have steered clear of becoming managed services providers (MSPs), most have their reasons. When pressed, the reality is that their reasons are based on myths and misperceptions.

In this paper, we will examine the true benefits of the managed services model and discuss the challenges of making the shift to managed services. Additionally, we will take a close look at the latest best practice of building a managed services model around endpoint security and addressing and dispelling common myths business owners might encounter.