Newsletter | March 12, 2020

03.12.20 -- Do You Need Certification To Be An MSSP?

  Why Hackers Hack: The Profile

From white hat to black hat, hackers range from ethical to extremely destructive. Join us on Thursday, March 26, at 2:00 p.m. EDT for Why Hackers Hack: The Profile. You will learn what makes cybercriminals tick and how to protect your business from today's sophisticated black hat hackers. Won't be able to attend? Please register to be sent an on-demand recording of the webinar in order to still have access to the educational content! 

Channel Insights
Do You Know Your Risk?
Video | ConnectWise

Before you can begin thinking about providing security services to your clients, you need to assess and remediate any risks you have in your business. This will give you a better understanding of the role risk assessment plays in improving your security services.

Resellers Beware: Hackers Are Using You To Get To Your Clients
White Paper | By Sean Berg, Shift4 Payments

Why do people shop at Sam’s Club, Costco, and BJ’s? One-stop shopping. The same principle applies to hackers targeting resellers that maintain a connection to each business environment they service. Something as simple as learning a password can gain the hacker access to all of a reseller’s clients, potentially billions of conveniently accessible records. 

Myth Buster: Data Fatigue Is Not Real!
Article | By David Barton, Stellar Cyber

The noise is real. Of that, we can agree. Basic packet captures — the final arbiter of proof — started all this and has continued nonstop until this very day. Every security analyst worth his/her salt asks for the packet captures. Why do we have all this data? Do we need it all?

Optimizing Backup Failure Remediation
Article | Bocada

Fighting backup failure fires has historically been part of every backup administrator’s life. It’s stressful, it’s time intensive, and, ironically, doesn’t always focus attention on the most important issue: protecting valuable data.

Do You Need Certification To Be An MSSP?
  Article | By Jonathan James, IT Glue

There’s no blanket diploma program or global agency regulating who is and isn’t an MSSP. What may be a shocking disadvantage to the consumer when it comes to vetting services providers is a definite benefit to those looking to capitalize on this growing opportunity. If you’re looking to designate yourself as an MSSP, the barrier for entry is at the floor.


ASCII IT Success Summits are business building events where managed services providers (MSPs) come together to learn best practices, network, find new revenue streams, and stay current with industry trends. Content features a variety of speakers who have demonstrated an enormous amount of success in selling managed services to key markets plus a special security keynote by Frank Abagnale of Catch Me If You Can. Use code VIPGuest to access this event at no cost.

Leadership Lessons
Managed Cloud, AMS, And The Enterprise — The Hows And Whys
Guest Column | By Stefana Muller, 2nd Watch

As managed cloud services continue their reach into the mainstream, customers will need to be educated on the myriad benefits the offering presents. Services such as AWS Managed Services can offer enterprises a much easier cloud experience that doesn’t have to impinge upon the day-to-day running of the business.

Building VAR Opportunities For 2020: Esports, Cloud, ProAV/Collaboration, Devices
Guest Column | By Peter DiMarco, D&H Distributing

Make 2020 a year of execution for MSPs in emerging spaces.

Why Strategic Alliances Are Important In Today’s Business Climate
  Guest Column | A conversation between Dede Haas and Peter Simoons

Dede Haas, channel sales strategist and coach, and Peter Simoons, executive coach and alliance mentor, recently took the time to talk to The Business Solutions Network about strategic alliances and more in this exclusive interview.

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