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Diversify Your Business With Managed Cloud Backup

Source: CloudBerry
Mythbusting: Be A Trusted Advisor To Your Clients With The Truth Behind Cloud Myths

As cloud storage becomes more affordable, organizations of all sizes are exploring new ways to meet their increased storage demands and streamline operations. This steady decline in cost and improvements in security have made cloud storage a viable alternative to traditional on-premises storage options. Low cost makes a compelling case for considering offloading much of the traditional storage to the cloud. Data backup, with its inherently high storage requirements, low restore needs, and reliance on high-capacity media has been one of the major beneficiaries of cloud storage. Managed Service Providers (MSP) are increasingly offering backup services and have begun to move their backup storage to the cloud to best protect their customer data while improving their bottom line.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

Cloud-based storage provides many advantages when compared to conventional on-premises storage:

  • Universal availability
    Data is available anywhere in the world. Transmission and retrieval only require high-speed internet access
  • Reduced need for IT personnel to manage a sophisticated on-premises infrastructure
    Moving objects to the cloud and recovering them is done effortlessly and doesn’t require special knowledge. This eliminates the need to deploy or manage a complex storage infrastructure and be diligent about capacity planning
  • High durability and redundancy
    Data propagated to the cloud is highly-durable and redundant as it is replicated, sometimes to separate locations, to increase storage reliability. This keeps your data safe for backup
  • Cost-effective
    Low storage prices open up new opportunities to adopters
  • Balanced workloads
    You can easily replace or complement local disk, tape, or NAS storage with cloud-based technologies
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