Newsletter | February 26, 2020

02.26.20 -- Data Fatigue Is Not Real!

Myth Buster: Data Fatigue Is Not Real!

The noise is real. Of that, we can agree. Basic packet captures — the final arbiter of proof, started all this and has continued nonstop until this very day. Every security analyst worth his/her salt asks for the packet captures. Why do we have all this data? Do we need it all?

MDR-As-A-Service – Is It The Holy Grail As Some Say?

MDR (managed detection and response)-as-a-Service in short is advanced threat detection and response. Think of a multi-faceted attack throughout the kill chain, something most midsize companies struggle with, and most of them have no protection in place whatsoever. With attacks increasing in sophistication, MDR is timely.

Security Point Solutions Vs. Platform

There are 1200+ security point solutions out there. Where do you even start? How do you know which solutions are best for your business and your customers? Start with this short video. 

Upcoming Webinar: Growing Your Business With Advanced Detection And Response Services

Thursday, March 26, 2020 | 10:00 a.m. PST

This webinar will discuss the challenges of differentiating services in the managed security space and how managed detection and response can drive high-value services. As part of the webinar, you will see a live demonstration of Stellar Cyber’s Open-XDR security platform and how to leverage the automated threat-hunting library with over 30 apps — and see an economic model that helps balance costs, risk, and potential revenue scenarios.