Article | April 17, 2019

Crush The Competition: Complete Our Global MSP Benchmark Survey

Source: IT Glue

By Joshua Oakes, IT Glue


IT Glue’s 2019 Global MSP Benchmark Survey is well underway. If you haven’t filled it out yet, we encourage you to do so now. Simply by completing the survey, you will have the chance to win some fantastic prizes including $1000 Amazon gift cards. Plus, you’ll get business intelligence you can actually use when we provide you with an exclusive copy of this year’s MSP Benchmark Report, before your competitors get to see it.

What’s new this year

This year’s report will build on the work we did last year. More than just a simple recounting of basic facts and figures, the IT Glue Global MSP Benchmark Report takes an in-depth look at what the best-in-class MSPs look like, and what you can do to get your business to that level.

Last year, the theme was all about identifying the industry’s top performers. Starting with the fact that only around 20% of small businesses are ever sold, and knowing that in the MSP space it is the top performers that are the most desired takeover targets, we wanted to build a profile of the top 20% of MSPs, as defined by revenue growth and profit margins.