Newsletter | May 14, 2020

05.14.20 -- Business Continuity Planning For MSPs: What You Need To Consider

Channel Insights
DNS Is On The Verge Of A Major Overhaul

DNS is on the cusp of a major reimagining, one that could enhance the privacy of business and private users alike for some time to come. According to some experts, it may even be worthy of the title “DNS 2.0.”

5 Considerations When Choosing An IT Service Procurement Partner

Choosing a procurement partner is an important business decision that can affect every aspect of your company’s success. Here are the top five things leaders should consider as they evaluate an IT service procurement partner for long-term growth.

MSP COVID Playbook — Chapter 2: Securing An Unsecure World

As more employees have moved to work remotely, the safe perimeter established by their company’s MSP or IT department has essentially dissolved. Combine that with the fact that threat actors are looking to capitalize on these new vulnerabilities, and it is clear cybersecurity has never been more important. 

The Definitive Guide To Sales: How MSPs Build Outperforming Sales Teams

Owners of early stage MSPs often wait too long before hiring a sales team, resulting in stalled growth or a stressed-to-the-limit CEO. To get serious about growth, MSPs have to become laser-focused on improving their sales and building a performance sales team.

Business Continuity Planning For MSPs: What You Need To Consider

If you don’t have money to keep the lights on, or make payroll, your business is unlikely to continue. Business continuity planning involves thinking ahead to possible scenarios that may hurt your business and creating action plans to help you mitigate challenges before or as they arise.

Leadership Lessons
9 Tests To Help Ensure Your IoT Processes Run Smoothly

To take full advantage of new capabilities made possible by IoT, developers must be prepared to build solutions that are easy-to-use, intuitive, reliable, and secure.

Performing Quarterly Business Reviews On Your Own Company

Most MSPs have purchased tools that display service and financial metrics, but the typical MSP isn’t deliberate in prioritizing a monthly or quarterly holistic review of critical key performance indicators (KPI), metrics, trends, and analysis of their own company’s performance.

Delivering Next-Gen Innovations Depends On 3 Key Enablers

Our future lives will consist of pervasive technology that relies on mobile connectivity, such as 5G and 6G, to deliver personalized experiences and a plethora of use cases for vertical industries. Auxiliary technologies such as AI, quantum computing, and blockchain will enable us to seamlessly and securely interact with our technology-dense surroundings.

7 Ways To Encourage Clients To Add A Backup Solution

Resilience is vital when it comes to disaster recovery. However, many small and midsize businesses (SMBs) find themselves ill-equipped to bounce back from catastrophic setbacks.