Article | September 25, 2019

Bundling Security Services To Improve Pricing And Close Ratios

Source: Stellar Cyber
Payment Security

Today’s businesses succeed by selling a handful of bundled items to a large number of customers. Think about restaurants, where the trend has been away from a’ la carte menus to limited menus, because it’s easier, more efficient, and requires less skill to produce a few entrée/side dish combinations than to try to fulfill each diner’s specific requests. In fact, many menus these days say “no substitutions” or warn of extra charges for substitutions because these throw a monkey wrench into the works of high-volume mass production. The same is true in the car business: in the old days, buyers ordering cars would choose from a laundry list of options and order the car they wanted, and the factory would build specific cars for specific customers. Now, the most successful car companies sell cars with pre-defined packages because it’s more efficient and profitable to mass-produce those packages than to customize every car.