Newsletter | April 8, 2020

04.08.20 -- Avoiding Tablet Hell: How To Manage A Client's Third-Party Technology Woes

Why Not Offering A Full Business Platform Is Costing You Money

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, you need to change your approach if you want to stay relevant. This means going beyond selling individual products and services to instead offer a full business platform.

Avoiding Tablet Hell: How To Manage A Client’s Third-Party Technology Woes

Your clients are using more third-party technologies than ever before to meet the needs of their customers. Here is the trick to use this obstacle to your advantage.

How To Generate Revenue With Data Analytics

Your clients are busy running their businesses and don’t have time to worry about accumulating and analyzing data. They are looking to you as their trusted adviser to do that, and, with the correct business platform, you can accomplish that and more.

How Resellers Can Use Data To Help Clients Acquire And Retain Customers

As a reseller, you have the unique opportunity to help clients identify opportunities to collect data and implement strategies to increase both your and your client’s revenue.