Newsletter | August 13, 2020

08.13.20 -- As With Security, Data Backup Should Happen In Layers

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7 Things World-Class Sales Teams Do (Even During A Pandemic)

Renowned and respected sales coach Jack Daly was our special guest for a recent webinar, sharing his thoughts about living in unusual times. His over-arching advice was that the tenets of great sales organizations that remain true even in the unrest of today’s business landscape.

DoH Is Here To Stay: Why Businesses Should Embrace It

Encrypted DNS obscures internet traffic from bad actors. But it also has the potential to decrease visibility for IT admins whose responsibility it is to manage DNS requests for their organizations. So, what’s the solution? Strangely, DoH.

Working Around Coronavirus — An Guide To Safe Remote Work

Our Seattle office is on the front line for coping with coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and figuring out a safe remote work strategy for as many people as possible. So, if you’re a small business, what do you do during a disaster? Especially one involving a communicable disease?

The MSP's Guide To Field Service

As business needs and worker preferences shift from traditional employment to flexible, project-based work, integrated SaaS platforms and other technologies make it possible to scale a complex variable workforce, which enables MSPs of all sizes to efficiently source, manage, and deploy on-demand technicians.

MSP Marketing: Move Beyond Word Of Mouth

No matter how good your service is, if nobody knows about it, you don’t make money. So, let’s talk first about word of mouth, because for some MSPs, it’s the only tool in their marketing toolbox. But even for the best MSPs, it’s one of the most important.

The Definitive Guide To Sales: How MSPs Build Outperforming Sales Teams

Owners of early stage MSPs often wait too long before hiring a sales team, resulting in stalled growth or a stressed-to-the-limit CEO. To get serious about growth, MSPs have to become laser-focused on improving their sales and building a performance sales team.

As With Security, Data Backup Should Happen In Layers

As the folks at our partner company, Webroot, have recently tackled the issue of whether antivirus protection is worth paying for anymore, we thought we’d take a minute to reiterate why cloud backup still beats all the great free services out there like Google Drive and Dropbox

How To Get MORE Word Of Mouth Referrals

Discover how caring about your clients and contacts can be a powerful marketing weapon. Learn more about the four pillars of word of mouth strategy: over delivery; listening; surprise; and non-self-serving acts.

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