Article | December 17, 2018

A Headset Is No Longer Just A Headset!

A conversation with Jesper Kock, Director of Research and Development at Sennheiser Communications

Software has become paramount to the quality of communications. Here reflected in the increase of headcounts in the R&D competence area.

Today, simple headsets are bundled as free accessories to any mobile phone, giving them a perception of “nice to have” gimmicks in the consumer market. But in some areas, such as professional office environments, headsets are so much more than mere accessories, having evolved into complex pieces of IT equipment that can transform the business of communication. Jesper Kock, Director of Research and Development at Sennheiser Communications explains why that is and why the right choice of headsets is crucial for businesses.

As a business, why should we care about headsets?

The headset is probably one of the most underestimated pieces of professional equipment of modern, mobile office environments. With Unified Communications (UC) being a major ongoing trend in the industry, using headsets is simply no longer an option for businesses, but a necessity.  They play an important role as a “technical interface” ensuring a seamless interaction with the company’s IT environment and, beyond this, also act as a “personal interface” – for example, when communicating directly with a client. This is where audio quality and the wearing comfort of a headset come into play. Both are important for the user experience and can ultimately impact the adoption and overall success of the UC implementation. That is why businesses should take headsets into account even in the early planning phase of their UC roll-out and consider investing in quality audio solutions. Spending millions on the UC implementation only to save money on the headsets is as bad as buying a Ferrari and then fitting it with budget tires.

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