Newsletter | November 14, 2019

11.14.19 -- 5 Security Offerings Your MSP Needs To Be Providing Your Clients

Channel Insights
How To Fit Your Technology Expertise Into Your Customer’s World
  White Paper | By Sean Berg, Shift4 Payments

Selling business technology products (e.g., POS, security, or inventory control systems) for many years allows you to develop deep expertise of your products. But to break into your customer’s world requires deep expertise of their operations and their needs. Discover how to change your approach with customers to uncover the needs that your products can solve.

How Omni IT Drives Operations Cost-Savings
E-Book | Kaseya

With Omni IT, organizations can focus on achieving their business goals while keeping costs in check.

MDR-As-A-Service — Is It The Holy Grail As Some Say?
Guest Column | Stellar Cyber

MDR in short is advanced threat detection and response. Think of a multifaceted attack throughout the kill chain, something most midsize companies struggle with, and most of them have no protection in place whatsoever. With attacks increasing in sophistication, MDR is timely.

Understand The Language Of Cybersecurity
Article | By John Ford, ConnectWise

When you get started working around cybersecurity, it can sound like people are speaking a foreign language. Like most of the IT industry, cybersecurity has a language of its own. We’ve all become familiar with the basic security terms and aspects when we secure our personal data and information, but when you go deeper into the rabbit hole, the more technical things can get.

Solutions Provider Helps MH Equipment Go Paperless With Rugged Mobility Solution
Case Study | BlueStar, Inc.

In 2017, MH Equipment began taking aggressive steps to modernize its business processes and implement advanced workforce technology solutions that would improve resource utilization and, ideally, reduce operating expenses while improving the customer service experience. Learn how rugged tablets and custom software give their entire field- and office-based workforce the right tools for every job.

Go-To-Market Playbook
E-Book | Webroot

The goal of this go-to-market playbook is to help you build a successful business strategy in today’s booming cybersecurity space. It is designed for new, existing, and prospective MSPs invested in providing profitable security solutions and offerings utilizing Webroot. 

Leadership Lessons
Going From Cyber Fraud To Cyber Success
By Angel R. Rojas, Jr., DataCorps Technology Solutions, Inc.

In my previous article, Is Your MSP A Fraud?, I covered three deadly sins many MSPs are committing on regular basis regarding cybersecurity. The first sin was failing to perform a risk assessment. Let’s take a look at three key areas that will help us ensure we get the most out of our risk assessment.

5 Security Offerings Your MSP Needs To Be Providing Your Clients
By John Watkins, inRsite IT Solutions

Regardless of how large your client is or the industry that they work in, there are certain things that you should be doing for them. Some industries that are regulated may require additional technologies or IT policies to become compliant, but this list provides a starting point for MSPs to evaluate their client’s IT health.